We are committed to creating and supporting well written, fully functional computer software that is easy and affordable to use.

Trident Managing and Rental Agent Software is computer software designed and developed for the busy Managing and/or Rental Agent.

In 2007, we heard about a Sectional Title Managing Agent who had outgrown their spreadsheet system and was looking for an integrated, networked management system. The seven ladies were already used to working with Pastel and wanted something to complement it.

We formed a partnership with the Managing Agent to develop a Sectional Title Management System and in March 2008 the first building went live and by August 2008 we had all 35 buildings running on the system. In 2009 we added the Rental module.

Trident has undergone many changes and enhancements and continues to develop as new clients add their thoughts to the Trident pool of expertise.

Trident helps you to manage your buildings, sections and debtors, easily and efficiently, at an affordable price. Trident enables you to load debtors information and to generate transaction data quickly. Trident can handle any number of Body Corporations and/or Home Owner Associations. Rental units can be loaded from a managed building or can be freestanding one offs.

Trident is rented out on a monthly basis and the cost includes help desk support and version updates.

Still using Excel spreadsheets to manage your buildings or rentals? - Trident will pay for itself just on the time you will save.