The Trident Managing Agent Software package is been developed with the help of a well established managing agent and other clients.

The initial version of the package went “live” in March 2008 and today, a much more featured package is available. Some of the features available are :

  • Bank Manager – imports a CSV file from your bank and updates debtors, creditors and general ledger. Handles individual and/or global bank accounts.
  • Rentals – stand alone units can be loaded or unit data from your managed buildings can be copied. Easy updating through a wizard.
  • Credit Control – has the facility to sms warnings and/or to email or print demand letters.
  • Notes – many different categories of notes can be made.
  • Dates – a reminder system can be set up.
  • Budgets – can be set and reported against
  • Transactions – can be generated using Participation Quota, Allocated Value, Square Metres, Default Amount or Own Amount.
  • Statements – graphs showing electricity and/or water usage over the last 12 months can be generated.

See our web pages, www.tridentsoftware.co.za, for more information.

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